Steinau Palace

As one of the most important Renaissance palaces in Hesse, Steinau Palace represents a synthesis between fortress architecture and a representative castle. Behind the fortified exterior, it surprises with remnants of the finest Renaissance furnishings and a wealth of local historical features, not least of which is the Grimm exhibition.

At a glance

36396 Steinau an der Straße

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Outdoor area freely accessible

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Steinau Palace towers imposingly above the Kinzig valley, on what was an important trade route between Frankfurt and Leipzig in the Middle Ages. Presumably founded as a castle in the late 13th century and repeatedly extended, the original building substance is still reminiscent of the various eras. However, the conversion to a bastioned pentagonal Renaissance fortress under the Counts of Hanau-Münzenberg in the early 16th century is characteristic for the appearance of the complex.

Steinau Palace, inner courtyard

View of the inner courtyard of the castle

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2020

Steinau Palace, tower

It is also worth climbing up one of the towers in the castle.

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2020

Steinau Palace, historic kitchen

Still life with pewter mug and cup in the historic kitchen

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2020

Steinau Palace, Grimm exhibition

An exhibition in the castle is dedicated to the world-famous philologists and fairy-tale collectors, Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm Grimm (1786-1859).

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2019

Steinau Palace at night

An impression of the beautiful castle at night.

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2020

Steinau Palace as festive venue

Meetings & Celebrations at Steinau Palace

Celebrate and hold a meeting in Steinau, where the Brothers Grimm were inspired to write their world-famous fairy tales, and invite your guests to the Hofstube of the castle, where the princes and their court once gathered for dinner.