Ruins of Schwarzenfels Castle

Impressive even from a distance: the Schwarzenfels castle and palace complex in the Main-Kinzig district on the edge of the Spessart. Initially planned as a defensive base, it was later used as an official residence and widow‘s seat as well as the residence of the Lords of Hanau. Today it is an impressive cultural monument, a youth hostel and a popular destination for excursions.

At a glance

Schloßgasse 24
36391 Sinntal, Schwarzenfels

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On the Hopfenberg high above the Sinntal in the Main-Kinzig district, 700 years of eventful history rise up. Over the course of time, Schwarzenfels Castle, which probably owes its name to the black rock beneath it, has been used for various purposes: as a defence post, court, office, dowager‘s seat and residence.

For new functions, they rebuilt and expanded it again and again. This can be seen from afar. A two-part complex catches the eye, consisting of the ruins of the core castle with a mighty medieval keep and a representative renaissance building. The castle offers visitors a magnificent view of the nearby Rhön hills and the northern Spessart region.

Ruins of Schwarzenfels Castle, view from a distance

High on the Hopfenberg, Schwarzenfels Castle rises above the village of the same name.

Foto: Anja Dötsch, 2013

Ruins of Schwarzenfels Castle, portal

The magnificent castle portal, built in 1621 under Count Albrecht of Hanau-Münzenberg, is worth seeing.


Ruins of Schwarzenfels Castle, portal sculpture

The portal not only has an architrave supported by columns, but also a figure of a knight.

Foto: Anja Dötsch, 2016