Accessibility Statement

This digital accessibility statement applies to the website of the State Palaces and Gardens of Hesse published at https://www.schloesser-hessen..... As a public body within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2016/2102, we endeavour to make our websites and mobile applications accessible in accordance with the provisions of the Hessian Disability Equality Act (HessBGG) and the Hessian Ordinance on Accessible Information Technology (HVBIT) implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

Status of compatibility with the requirements

The accessibility requirements are derived from Section 3 (1) to (4) and Section 4 of the HVBIT, which was enacted on the basis of Section 14 of the HessBGG. The review of compliance with the requirements is based on a self-assessment conducted on 14.07.2023.

Non-accessible content

Based on the review, the website is partially compatible with the aforementioned requirements due to the following exceptions.

Incompatibility with HVBIT

The content listed below is incompatible with Section 3(1) of HVBIT and is not accessible for the following reasons:


Alternative texts for images not yet implemented everywhere

Measures and timetable

Alternative texts for our images in permanent contexts will be rewritten by March 2024. However, a detailed image description for every news entry is probably not feasible for capacity reasons.

Disproportionate burden

The following sub-areas are not designed to be accessible, as this would constitute a disproportionate burden in accordance with Section 3(5) HVBIT.


  1. PDF not completely accessible
  2. HTML structural elements not always compliant


  1. PDF were tested with the PDF Accessibility Checker 2021. Deficiencies were found in content, metadata and document settings. Most of the information material was created primarily for printing and is only offered for download on the website. It is not feasible to adapt the PDF with regard to the above-mentioned points during operation.
  2. Adaptations at HTML level in the CMS used would be disproportionate compared to the effective benefit.

Date of preparation of the Accessibility Statement

This statement was created on 14.07.2023 and last reviewed and updated on 13.11.2023. The basis for the preparation of this Accessibility Statement is the assessments made through a detailed audit report.

Feedback and enquiries about digital accessibility

For your feedback and any further information, please fill in the form below or contact our responsible contact persons on +49 (0)6172 9262-201.

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Enforcement procedure

If no satisfactory solution has been found even after your feedback to the above-mentioned contact, you can call in the Enforcement and Monitoring Body for Accessible Information Technology. After a period of six weeks, you have the right to contact the Enforcement and Monitoring Body directly. With the involvement of all parties, the Enforcement Panel will attempt to determine the circumstances of the lack of accessibility so that the institution can remedy it.

Enforcement and Monitoring Body for Accessible Information Technology

Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration

Head Office: Regierungspräsidium Gießen

State Commissioner for Accessible IT
Head of the Enforcement and Monitoring Office
Landgraf-Philipp-Platz 1-7
35390 Giessen

Telephone: +49 641 303 - 2901
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