Meetings & Celebrations

At Steinau Castle, we will gladly open the gates for you for your private celebration as well as for a special corporate event. Celebrate and meet in Steinau, where the Brothers Grimm were inspired to write their world-famous fairy tales, and invite your guests to the Hofstube of the castle, where the princes and their court once gathered for dinner.

At a glance

Number of persons: between 35 and 100

Event areas: 4

Schloss Steinau

Overview of the Rooms

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Ursula Reinsch

Foto: Alexander Paul Englert, 2021

Ursula Reinsch

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Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Hessen
36396 Steinau an der Straße

Tel.: +49 (0)6663 6843

Steinau Palace, books with fairy tales

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2019

Steinau Palace, eastern wing with tower

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2020

Steinau Palace, tower

Foto: Michael Leukel