Erbach Palace

Cosmos of an education-hungry person: Erbach Palace in the Odenwald is home to many treasures and, above all, the famous collections of Count Francis I of Erbach-Erbach. In his honour, you will also find the “German Ivory Museum” there.

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Marktplatz 7
64711 Erbach

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Erbach Palace is a walk-in cabinet of curiosities. It is a place where visitors enter into the happy and exciting circumstance of barely being able to grasp the abundance. To name just the top treasures: Ancient marble sculptures and vases, armour in a specially built knight’s hall, weapons, antlers, outstanding Dutch and Flemish paintings, a colourful late Gothic altar, coins, and – united in one wing of the palace as the “German Ivory Museum” – carved beauties made of “white gold”.

Dutsch Paintings in the room of the House of Orange

The hall with paintings by famous Dutch and Flemish artists, including Anthonis van Dyck.

Photo: Michael Leukel, 2018

Seated figure of Trajan

This seated statue of the Roman ruler Trajan is a central exhibit of the Count’s Collections.

Photo: Michael Leukel, 2018

Bust of Alexander the Great

The Count’s three Roman rooms also feature this valuable bust of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great.

Photo: Michael Leukel, 2019

Detail of the Schöllenbach Altarpiece

Photo: Michael Leukel, 2018

Schöllenbach Altarpiece

Erbach Palace houses the Schöllenbach Altarpiece, an outstanding late Gothic carved altarpiece from the early 16th century. The retable has recently been extensively restored and shows a very unusual depiction of the Root of Jesse.