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A tour of the display rooms, especially the prelature, reveals just how well Seligenstadt Abbey was run in the 18th century. Until 1803, the prelacy not only served as a representative residence for the abbots, but also provided accommodation for important guests of the abbey. On the first floor, the imperial rooms with magnificent silk wallpapers and monumental paintings have been preserved in almost original condition. When necessary, these rooms provided accommodation befitting the status of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire.

Seligenstadt Abbey, imperial room

The Seligenstadt Benedictines accommodated their noble guests in magnificent rooms.

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2017

Seligenstadt Abbey, book

The abbey library is completely in the opulent style of the Baroque.

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2017

In sharp contrast to this is the strictly functional abbey kitchen of the 17th century, located on the ground floor of the prelature. As a central supply room, it provided meals for all abbey residents and for those in need. The monks ate their meals next door in the summer refectory, the summer dining hall. Its lavish fresco decoration from 1722 has largely been preserved to this day. With allegorical depictions and illusionistic mock architecture, the wall and ceiling paintings bear witness to Italian influences at Seligenstadt Abbey. The abbey pharmacy illustrates not least how important the care of the sick was for the Benedictines. Lovingly reconstructed in its original rooms from 2001 to 2003, it makes the structure and functioning of a historical monastery pharmacy vividly tangible.

Seligenstadt Abbey, kitchen

The abbey kitchen is furnished again as it was in the time of the monks.

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2017

Seligenstadt Abbey, detail of the kitchen

Guests can try out medieval recipes in cooking and baking workshops.

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2017

Seligenstadt Abbey, Refectory

The monks dined in the summer refectory during the mild season.

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2017

Seligenstad Abbey, Herbal Pharmacy

The abbey pharmacy also supplied the people of Seligenstadt with all kinds of medicines.

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2019

Seligenstadt Abbey, pharmacy (detail)

In the abbey pharmacy, the herbs and plants from the apothecary garden were processed into medicine according to tried and tested recipes.

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2017

Guided Tours & Events