Walsdorf Hut Tower

This watchtower was built in the late 14th century as the south-western corner of the town wall to “guard” the town and the monastery. Today it is a landmark of Walsdorf.

At a glance

Hainstraße 13
65510 Idstein-Walsdorf

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After Walsdorf became part of the county of Nassau-Idstein in 1355, Count Adolf of Nassau-Idstein (1353-1390) had the women’s convent there with its settlements on the hill fortified with town walls, two town gates and five towers. The round Hut Tower with its 24 metres is the highest among them. Remains of angular towers, which protrude from the ring wall as half towers, have been preserved on the western edge of the town and are now partly integrated into the more recent buildings.

Symbol for “Guardianship”

The name “Hut Tower” (“Hutturm”) probably derives from its “guarding” (“behütende”) function, but also from the legal provisions. In 1393, it was decreed that the Count of Nassau-Idstein would provide the guard on this tower. Thus the Hat Tower was also a symbol of the count’s “guardianship” (“Obhut”). The citizens of Walsdorf had to keep watch on the rest of the town fortifications themselves.

Walsdorf Hut Tower

Even today, the late medieval watchtower towers over the roofs of the town.

Foto: Stephan Peters, 2016

The Hut Tower is a Gothic round tower with a diameter of around 7.5 metres. The walls of its stone-faced rubble masonry are up to 1.80 m thick. From about a third of the height, there are some rectangular light openings and embrasures in the outer walls. A pointed arch opening above the city wall once served as an entrance from the battlements.

A Viewing Platform at the Top

Since the reconstruction work in 1958, it has also been accessible further down via a small external staircase almost at ground level. Today, the interior is accessible via a concrete spiral staircase, a stone staircase and two wooden ladders. At the top, a massive cross vault spans the tower, in which a square opening is left to access the viewing platform.

Walsdorf Hut Tower, rubble stone masonry

Quarry stone masonry with round window and embrasures

Foto: Stephan Peters, 2013

Landmark of the Town

The Hut Tower is a landmark of Walsdorf that can be seen from afar. Anyone who would like to imagine themselves as a 14th-century guard or simply enjoy the wonderful view over Walsdorf and the surrounding area can visit this medieval tower by prior arrangement.

Walsdorf Hut Tower, view

View from the viewing platform of the Hut Tower over Walsdorf

Foto: Stephan Peters, 2013