Museum in the Burgmannenhaus

In a former Burgmannenhaus (Burgstraße 14) at the western side of the Imperial Pfalz, precious architectural sculpture fragments are on display. These are mainly excavation and reading finds from the Imperial Pfalz and its surroundings. The exhibition is supplemented with information on Frederick Barbarossa and the Staufen as well as historical pictures of the Imperial Pfalz and a model of the town of Gelnhausen in the Middle Ages.

Gelnhausen, capital

Chalice block capital and impost slab, decorated with vine work, figures and animal masks

Foto: Katarina Papajanni, 2020

Drawing of the Pfalz

Drawing from 1859 showing a hypothetical reconstruction of the chapel

Foto: hess. Landesamt für Denkmalpflege

Gelnhausen, base fragment

Base fragment

Foto: Katarina Papajanni, 2020

The outstanding exhibits include a chalice block capital and the associated impost. They are decorated with vine work in which figures and animal masks are incorporated. The capital and impost are original pieces from the arcades of the palas – they were removed in 1962 and replaced by copies.

Gelnhausen, animal

Depiction of a lion

Foto: Katarina Papajanni

Gelnhausen, facade

The south façade of the Burgmannenhaus shows significant remains of architectural painting.

Foto: Katarina Papajanni, 2020

Gelnhausen, columns

Column fragments

Foto: Katarina Papajanni, 2020