Einhard Exhibition

The small permanent exhibition in the former sacristy of the basilica in Michelstadt-Steinbach tells the story of the transfer of the relics of Saints Marcellinus and Peter from Rome via Steinbach to Seligenstadt am Main. The context of this action, which caused quite a stir in 827, is made clear. It was sparked by Einhard’s (c. 770-840) wish to obtain relics for the consecration of his basilica. Einhard was an important functionary at the court of Charlemagne and his son Louis the Pious, for many years the artistic administrator at the court of both rulers and at the time of the transfer of the relics concerned about the unity of the Carolingian Empire. In 828, Einhard had his relics brought to Seligenstadt, where he had a magnificent basilica built for them and a monastery founded.

Einhard's Basilica, passage to the sacristy

The path leads through the Gothic pointed arch portal into the winter choir with the Einhard exhibition.

Foto: Michael Leukel, 2020

Einhard's Basilica, exhibition

Einhard was one of Charlemagne's closest advisors and wrote his biography, the “Vita Caroli Magni”.

Foto: Manfred Giebenhain, 2015