Meetings & Celebrations

Enjoy the park in the footsteps of romance and welcome your guests or business partners in a special setting. In the arcade halls you will find a stylish ambience for private or business occasions thanks to the perfect combination of historical charm and modern functionality. The music pavilion can also be rented as a supplement.

At a glance

Number of people: between 70 and 190

Event areas: 3

Staatspark Hanau-Wilhelmsbad

Overview of the Rooms


Ursula Reinsch

Foto: Alexander Paul Englert, 2021

Ursula Reinsch

Viewing Appointments

Geschäftsstelle Comoedienhaus Wilhelmsbad
Parkpromenade 5
63454 Hanau

Sabine Oswald / Michaela Barteldes
Tel.: +49 (0)6181 5088500

Hanau-Wilhelmsbad State Park, music pavilion

Foto: Stephan Peters, 2017

Hanau-Wilhelmsbad State Park

Foto: T. Ohlwein, 2012

Hanau-Wilhelmsbad State Park

Foto: T. Ohlwein, 2012