Meetings & Celebrations

Weilburg Palace and the Palace Garden offer you an exclusive ambience for private celebrations, company events and special events. Rental during the annual Weilburg Palace Concerts (June-July) and in the winter months is only possible to a limited extent.

At a glance

Number of people: between 80 and 240

Event areas: 4

Weilburg Palace and Palace Garden

Overview of the Rooms

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Heike Urner

Foto: Fabian Wolf, 2021

Heike Urner

Contact for Viewing Appointments

Schloss und Schlossgarten Weilburg
Schlossplatz 3
35781 Weilburg

Tel.: +49 (0)6471 9127-0
Fax: +49 (0)6471 9127-20

Weilburg vermietung36

Foto: T. Ohlwein, 2012

Weilburg vermietung35

Foto: T. Ohlwein, 2012

Weilburg Palace Garden, Lower Orangery

Foto: Alexander Paul Englert, 2020