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Experience the history of the “Wetterau Inkwell” with a guided tour of the complex, whose beginnings date back well over 800 years. A great Staufen castle and the history of its powerful lords await you. Here, the time of Emperor Barbarossa can still be seen in the old columns. We let the stones do the talking...

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Group: max. 25 people

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Meeting point: next to the castle ticket office

A journey back in time to the Middle Ages - stories and history of Münzenberg Castle.

The castle ruins provide an excellent backdrop for experiencing the Middle Ages. During the guided tour of the complex, you will hear exciting stories of the “Wetterau Inkwell”, whose beginnings date back well over 800 years. Let yourself be inspired by the history of the Staufen castle...

Checkerboard patterns and volcanic stone. The castle in the light of its architectural styles

In the Middle Ages, castles shaped the image of a landscape, including the Wetterau. They were an effective expression of power and defence. But how were they built and how did preferences for certain ornaments change in the course of the Middle Ages? The castle in Münzenberg offers a unique opportunity to trace the development of medieval architecture through its original inventory. Let yourself be guided through the Romanesque and Gothic main buildings, explore regional building materials and first-class stonemasonry and thus let the former splendour of the castle come back to life in your mind’s eye.

Heaven, Hell, Purgatory. Belief in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were steeped in belief in God, venerable saints and life after death. On our tour of the town and castle, you will learn about the various places of worship and their role in the everyday lives of Münzenberg’s medieval inhabitants. You will be taken into a familiar yet very different world, where pilgrims, care for the poor and relics, fear of the devil and the salvation of one's own soul determined existence.

Of monastery physicians, nurses and quacks - Medicine in the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, medicine was primarily the task of monastic brothers and sisters. Medicinal herbs were cultivated in monasteries and important books on the subject were written. The operators of the bathhouses in the towns were the doctors of the little people and quacks and tooth pullers offered many a dubious service at the markets. Between research and superstition, great surgeons and deadly shenanigans, much was expected of the sick. Pharmacists mixed their medicines from ingredients that probably turned the stomach of many a patient even back then. In addition, people were helplessly exposed to many diseases, such as the plague. Those who know the art of healing in the Middle Ages can only really appreciate the achievements of modern medicine.

Note & Registration

The tours can be booked from April to October.

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7.00 € per person; minimum 50.00 € per group
1 hour
max. 25 persons
Meeting point:
Next to the castle ticket office