Offerings for Lower Secondary School Pupils

Discover the Münzenberg castle ruins together with your pupils as a unique extracurricular place of learning! At the historic castle, pupils gain an insight into everyday life and life in the Middle Ages. Our projects and offers work according to the building block principle: a guided tour (approx. 1 hour) can be followed by a workshop (approx. 1 hour).

Our team is looking forward to your visit with little castle explorers!

At a glance


Group: max. 25 people

Duration: 1-2 hours

Meeting point: next to the castle ticket office

1 hour

Castle rally

Depending on the age group, our offer for primary school children starts with a rather simple or more complex structured children’s guided tour with Kuno the Cat, the castle mascot. The newly acquired knowledge is applied and consolidated in a castle rally, where the pupils explore the castle independently in small groups and solve a riddle together to receive a small reward.

1,5 hours

Castle explorers - The Estates Society

Using the ruins of Münzenberg Castle as an example, based on the curriculum for grades 5 to 10, we offer “explorer backpacks” with which the pupils explore and get to know the castle on their own in teams using replicas. Their findings are then presented to the whole group in short presentations. They will be guided by the museum educators in their explanations. The finale will be a medieval selfie.

2 hours

Medieval scriptorium

During a tour of the castle, the children will learn about the importance of books in the Middle Ages and where they were produced, described and illustrated. In the accompanying workshop, the children can try out for themselves how books were drawn and written in those days. Depending on their age, they will either create cards with coloured initials or write a document with a goose quill and ink they have made themselves.

Leather bags

What was working life like in the Middle Ages? What guilds and guilds existed back then?
After a guided tour of the castle grounds, children will take part in a workshop to design and decorate small colourful leather bags to store their very own treasures. A family coat of arms must not be missing on the little bag.

Note & Registration

The tours can be booked from April to October.

A guided tour (approx. 1 hour) can be followed by a workshop (approx. 1 hour). We will be happy to advise you!

Please send the completed registration form to

For queries: +49 (0)6172 9262 148


depending on duration 4.00 / 6.00 / 8.00 € per child
approx. 1-2 hours
max. 25 persons
Meeting point:
Next to the castle ticket office