Offerings for Upper Secondary School Pupils

Entdecken Sie gemeinsam mit Ihren Schüler:innen die Burgruine Münzenberg als einzigartigen außerschulischen Lernort! Wir bieten thematische Gruppenführungen zu spannenden Themen für Leistungskurse-Geschichte. Unsere Projekte und Angebote funktionieren nach dem Bausteinprinzip: An eine Führung (ca. 1 Stunde) kann ein Workshop (ca. 1 Stunde) angeschlossen werden.

Bitte sprechen Sie uns an, wir beraten Sie gerne!

At a glance


Group: max. 25 people

Duration: 1 hour

Meeting point: next to the castle ticket office

A journey back in time to the Middle Ages - stories and history of Münzenberg Castle.

The castle ruins provide an excellent backdrop for experiencing the Middle Ages. During the guided tour of the complex, you will hear exciting stories of the “Wetterau Inkwell”, whose beginnings date back well over 800 years. Let yourself be inspired by the history of the Staufen castle...

Heaven, Hell, Purgatory. Belief in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were steeped in belief in God, venerable saints and life after death. On our tour of the town and castle, you will learn about the various places of worship and their role in the everyday lives of Münzenberg’s medieval inhabitants. You will be taken into a familiar yet very different world, where pilgrims, care for the poor and relics, fear of the devil and the salvation of one's own soul determined existence.

Note & Registration

The tours can be booked from April to October.

A guided tour (approx. 1 hour) can be followed by a workshop (approx. 1 hour). We will be happy to advise you!

Please send the completed registration form to

For queries: +49 (0)6172 9262 148


7.00 € per person; min. 50.00 € per group
approx. 1 hour
max. 25 persons
Meeting point:
Next to the castle ticket office